Friday, March 28, 2008

Ham it up, without the Andelmans.

Me and my lady friend decided to take a nice weekend away from the Andelmans, so I missed last week's all new episode of PG. But, one of my sources told me of the the "Snack Attack" program that aired on Easter morning. Though I was out of TV38's broadcasting range, I felt a special phantom pheeling, on Easter Sunday, as I enjoyed "comfort food" with my loved ones.

My father baked two deliciously decadent spiral hams, oozing with sticky honey glaze and covered with tart and tangy pineapple pieces. Garlic mashed were a bit lumpy, and my brother forgot to actually put garlic in them, as he was two sheets to the wind. The canned corn tasted straight from the can, but it was redeemed by the three kinds of kielbasa served. Traditional Polish kielbasas were blood red with a mild spiciness, along with a more subdued flavor in the Lithuanian sausage. The borscht smelled of sweet pungent rotting oatmeal, because that's what it is. Dessert portions were enormous, with a wickedly wicked whoopie pie the size of a spare tire. Overall I give my family's Easter dinner a 74, Mezze Mezza.


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