Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Downfall of Culinary Television.

When did it start? the downfall of Phantom?
I remember watching it a few years ago, when David Robichaud was still getting all giddy for gourmet greatness. I remember not hating the show.

Robie, unlike the Andelmans, was likeable. He was TV38's (then UPN) answer to Emeril. Eyebrows and everything. Back then, the only time viewers ever had to see Fat-head Andelman's face was for the 30-second "feedback forum" segments, all pretending he knew how to email with his 1996 IBM Thinkpad.

Then, we only had to deal with hearing Dave's annoying radio voice, we never had to bear witness to his too-tan catchers mitt face and honey-dipped scalp. It actually didn't even phase me too much when he butchered such names as Aujourd'hui ("AD-JORE-DEWEY") and Fugakyu ("FUH-GOK-OO"). But having to look at his fake face and listen to his fake voice at the same time is too much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I bet Robie never tans.

February 13, 2008 at 9:39 AM  
Anonymous heavyd said...

I went to the Phantom Gourmet Beer and Food Fest at Suffolk Downs last night, November 8, 2008. It was really bad. Following is a letter I sent to Phantom Gourmet and some of their sponsers.

To the Andelmans,

Your so called food and beer fest on November 8, 2008 at Suffolk downs was by far and away the worst run, most insulting excuse for a festival I have ever attended. I've been to music festivals in New Orleans LA , Memphis TN and Austin TX. I've attended The Rhythm and Roots Festival in Rhode Island for twenty years and had a blast every time. I've been to ballparks throughout the US. I go to a lot of concerts. I've attended countless arts festivals. I go to a lot of restaurants.

I have never seen such shoddy planning and disregard for the public as I saw last night at Suffolk Downs. The lines for both food and beer were absolutely ridiculous.

If you are sponsoring an event to celebrate food and beer, you should at least make some tiny effort to provide those things to attendees in a timely manner

I will be sending letters to all of your sponsors and commercial partners to inform them that I will not patronize their businesses, and will do my absolute best to convince anyone I can to do the same.

I will never listen to WTTK or watch WSBK again, I'm so pissed off! Shape up or ship out, you cheating bastards!

November 9, 2008 at 11:43 AM  

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