Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Arbitrary Scale

Jesu Christo! Phantom gave Gaslight a 90.
Are you kidding me? the food's pretty good, but Gourmet Greatness? Hardly.
Gaslight opened up last summer, after much hype, but Phantom just got around to scoring it last month. I must have missed that show. Was it featured on the "Pre-game Marathon" or maybe one of the numerous "Comfort Food" shows??? anyone?

First off - Gaslight is owned by the Aquitaine Group. They're namesake, and flagship restaurant, only got an 81 from Phantom! Seth Woods opened up Gaslight as Aquitaine's lil' sister. A cheaper everyman's version of Aquitaine. Unfortunately, the everyman has turned into the every-gay-man-in-the-south-end. Hardly a "corner restaurant." Gaslight is hardly a Brasserie. As Aquitaine is hardly a Bistrot. But they do decent impressions of France.

Let's see... perhaps the best "bistrot" dining in greater Boston: Craigie Street Bistrot. What did phantom give it? Eighty-effin'-four!
are you kidding me? Mezze-mezze?
Yeah - it's no Kitty O'Shea's (coming in just above Craigie Street at 85). I mean, come on. A generic faux-Irish pub in Faneuil Hall has a James Beard award-winning chef beat any day.

But they all hope to some day achieve the level of the esteemed Kowloon.


Blogger Not the Phantom said...

you forgot to mention the bloused out shirts....

February 13, 2008 at 8:44 PM  

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