Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Confidence you can poop on"

So, it's become the norm to see Dave Andelman kissing ass to any Mom & Pop operation in New England that will throw some ad dollars his way. And it's understood that the production quality of these commercials is of mediocre quality.

What intrigues me is the ad for Mom & Pop banking, a la Commerce Bank. I've never even heard of of Commerce Bank before. Where is it? At the end of the commercial they show a building typical of the 70's modernist bank architecture style - but no location is provided. No phone number. No fax. Just a website. And to assume Commerce Bank has a website is to also assume they offer spaceship loans.

But, can one really believe Phantom, Inc. trusts this ragtag credit union with their multi-hundred dollar media empire? I believe it. What worries me, is that in the TV commercial, Dave admits to having to take out loans to keep Phantom afloat. And he shamelessly divulges he needed a line of credit just to organize Phantom events.

I heard he took out a third mortgage on his condo just to rent a dance floor for the food fest.


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