Thursday, April 3, 2008

Phantom Wheels

The official transportation of Phantom Phans
is the Lowell Commuter Rail.
But what does the Phantom drive around?

If any of you bridge and tunnelers have been to the Phantom Phood Phest - you may have seen a pretty sweet 2006 Subaru Tribeca parked outside Tequila Rain. "Wow, the Phantom drives the coolest Minivan I've ever seen!" you thought.

You probably also wondered what kind of deal Ernie Boch gave Dandelman on those purple wheels. You also probably wondered how much it would cost to get a vinyl wrap like that
for your landscaping truck.

Turns out, the Phantom doesn't drive that purple Tribeca at all. Ernie doesn't let Dandelman withing 10 feet of the thing. The Tribeca is just for show - just another obnoxious ad for Boch Automotive.

So, what does the Phantom really drive??? If you asked Dave, he would probably spout out some radio ready response, using words like "back bay," "penthouse," "condo," chauffeur" and "Dunks run."

But, I did some investigative journalism. I went by TV 38's parking lot and snapped this picture.


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