Monday, May 5, 2008


April 20th's PG highlighted some of the finest chain dining to ever be mass produced, processed and frozen - a la TGIF, Red Robin and Joe's American Bar. But since that fateful rerun, we have yet to see a victor in this tight race.

It's a head-to-head (fat head to greasy head) battle between Chain Restaurants and and Guilty Pleasures. This past weekend saw an episode titled "Fast Food Frenzy: Supersized Edition" as well as "Most Outrageous Desserts."

Is the Phantom effing with me? Are the Andelman's hip to the Blog?

Fast Food was knocked out of the competition in the first round, that was weeks ago. Why is it being rehashed now? "Outrageous Desserts" could be considered guilty pleasures - but it would be equally fair to count fast food joints as a "Chain Restaurants" episode. Tough call.

Touché, Phantom.


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