Friday, April 18, 2008

A broch tzu Phantom!

So - at sunset tomorrow begins Passover.
And I'm guessing small headed Andelman is gonna be passing over the bacon to fat headed Andelman. What bad Jews. Instead of doing an entire show based on kosher recipes, they'll probably mention various mac'n'cheese dishes spiked with ham.

On countless episodes, the two have divulged their love of all things pork: bacon, ribs, non-all-beef hot dogs, etc. etc. Do you think they're gonna quit for Passover? Not likely. In fact, I heard they're gonna stuff their faces with When Pigs Fly bread! NOT ONLY does is incorporate pigs - but that shit is leavened!

Check out this picture of the Andelmans at last year's
Brighton Beach BBQ Party.
The proof is in the matzo ball soup.


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